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UK vs. USA Body Aware

New Warehouse Opens in UK!

On 12 August 2016, Body Aware opened a UK distribution centre in Barnstaple, Devon.

Up until this time, all orders to Europe were shipped from our USA warehouse in Arizona USA.  Our customers in Europe, and especially the UK, were faced with high postage charges from America, plus customs duty and VAT on arrival, as well as a significant fee from the post office for collecting the taxes.

Now the goods can be shipped direct to you from within the EU, so the price you see is the price you pay.   No additional taxes charged later and no collection fees, and delivery within a couple of days.  Plus we are currently offering free standard shipping on orders over £50 to addresses in the UK and EU.

As we stock the UK warehouse from the USA, you will see a delay of about 1-2 weeks for brand new products to appear on the UK site, simply due to the transit time across the Atlantic, so please bear with us!.


Option to Order from USA site

If you wish to view our USA site from UK/Europe, please switch flags to the USA flag in top border of screen.  Please note the sites have slightly different selections of products depending on what is available in the US vs UK warehouse at any time.  Switch back to the UK site again using the flags.

Please be aware that all orders through the USA site are shipped from USA and you are likely to be charged VAT/customs taxes plus collection fees on import.  Also there is no free shipping on orders shipped from USA, and delivery time is typically 1-2 weeks depending on customs.  So we strongly recommend you order from the UK site where the price you see is the price you pay inclusive of VAT, free shipping on orders over £50, and you will get the goods typically within 2 business days.


David & Kristina

Body Aware Inc


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